TimL Headshot-lowresBringing a background in technology, teaching and a long history as an active professional musician, Tim joined Georgetown Day School as its Director of Innovation & Technology in the spring of 2014. In that role Tim is responsible for working with faculty to build creative, progressive and student-centered learning opportunities and teaching practices, as well as overseeing a team that manages all of the technology-specific operations of the school. Prior to GDS, Tim served as the Director of Technology, Communications Director, music teacher, coach at The Field School in Washington, DC for nearly 10 years. As a teacher, he developed a multi-year curriculum for teaching music to middle & high school students through operating a modern digital recording studio. As an educator, Tim’s greatest joys, and the central focus of his professional passions, lie in the experiences he’s had working with students to facilitate their own self-discovery, and shepherding the development of a true sense of confidence through that understanding of self.

Outside of his “day job” commitments, Tim has performed on various instruments in over 1,000 concerts, festivals, gigs, stage productions, recording sessions, parades, weddings, funerals, birthday parties and family reunions, as well as coached baseball, softball, golf and ultimate frisbee teams, served on the board of a local historical co-operative association, remodeled his own kitchen, and is a self-proclaimed master of assembling IKEA furniture. Most importantly, Tim is the eternally happy spouse to his opera-singing triathlete wife, and eternally exhausted father to two young children who attend a public charter school in NE Washington, DC.