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Future of Diversity Symposium
Mission Statement

The purpose of the Future of Diversity Symposium is to determine how to robustly position diversity and equity as foundational touchstones and luminous beacons for independent schools. Beyond the inherent moral imperative of this work, it is a fact that diversity, defined in its fullness, is essential to a school’s learning and living community. It is also true that independent schools’ very survival, in light of rapid demographic shifts, requires successful navigation of the diversity/equity landscape. Participants in the Future of Diversity Symposium will collaborate to design action plans, nourish a robust professional network and continuously refresh a marketplace of ideas and best practice to further elevate diversity, equity, and inclusion in our schools.
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Join us for…

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Best Practices

Sharpen, capture, and convey best practice in the areas of access, inclusion, and success.

Emerging Areas

Highlight emerging areas that must be addressed.

Identify Barriers

Identify key barriers to progress.

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Tangible “Take-Aways”

Ensure tangible “take-aways” for each participant.

School Teams

Engage school teams in key leadership roles connected to growth and positive outcomes in areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Student Voices

Introduce and engage students’ voices and their full presence into this meaningful partnership.

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Extend a meaningful network that emerged as a part of the work in FDS15.

Imagine & Strategize

Provide insights and engage in learning practices to help schools imagine and strategize successful, mission-led, and strong future equity and diversity directions.

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Read what our past attendees had to say…

The energy that radiated from 143 people was inspiring and illuminating. We appreciated the opportunity to connect with peers in all roles and to go through the exercises that gave us time to intentionally contemplate equity and inclusion for our school.- Beth Embrescia, Trustee, Laurel School, OH
Thank you for creating such a provocative and helpful experience... it is obvious we cannot fulfill our educational mission without making an institutional commitment to diversity and inclusion.- Ellen Sheffield Pace, Trustee, The Forsyth School, MO