Tuesday Ryan-Hart

TuesdayTuesday Ryan-Hart is a host/facilitator who left the fields of traditional social service provision and academics to become a new kind of change-maker partnering with community builders around the world. Tuesday’s work in community is featured in the book Walk Out, Walk On by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze, and she is known internationally for her strategic work with organizations and communities engaged in systemic change.

Trained as a psychotherapist, with a BA in Individual/Family Studies and a Masters in Social Work, Tuesday is an expert in transformational work, specializing in helping individuals, community non-profits, governmental agencies, and organizations of all sizes undergo undergo the changes that will help them grow and become more successful.

With a passion for social justice and an expertise in gender and race equity and anti-violence work, Tuesday excels at working with groups to enhance awareness and understanding, build alliances, and take positive action together.

Tuesday is a steward of the global Art of Hosting community of practice, and a co-founder and partner in Confluence Unlimited. She is also the mother of two young children and a long distance runner who recently ran her first ultra-marathon.